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Speaker Stage 1

12-12:45pmDr. Steve SalvatoreKick Start Your HealthPIX11′s Dr. Steve explains how to get started on a healthy lifestyle. In this seminar he will address key issues with diet, exercise and nutrition and will also give tips and tricks on how to achieve your goals safely and easily.
1-1:45pmLionelConfessions of a Late Bloomer VeganLionel returns with his “Confessions of a Late Bloomer Vegan.” The travails and vicissitudes of going vegan. The looks, the ‘tudes, the ambivalence. A hilarious look at a life changing new way of eating. He also addresses health issues such as GMOs and labeling legislation as well as practical tips on how you can incorporate the principles of vegetarian, vegan and plant-based diets. (It’s gluten free and safe for work.)
2-2:45pDenise Pesiche, Dr. Munish Khaneja, Glenn MacFarlane, and Dr. David C. CollymoreUnderstanding the New Healthcare Landscape: What You Need to KnowA panel of experts breaks down the NYS Health Plan Marketplace and answers your questions.Sponsored by Affinity Health Plan
3-3:45pmJames SaadHealthy Better Living with Epsom Salt and Flotation Tank TherapyIn 1954 a neuroscientist named John Lilly found that the distraction-free environment of his isolation tank led to incredibly enhanced states of mental relaxation. In the late 1970s Peter Suedfeld and Roderick Borrie of the University of British Columbia began experimenting on the therapeutic benefits of flotation/isolation tank usage. This technique was called “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” (REST).

When you step into our specially-designed float tanks, a precise solution of water and Epsom salts, calibrated to the body’s temperature, 98 degrees Fahrenheit, awaits. This carefully controlled environment inside the tank (quite similar to the famed waters of the Dead Sea, one of the world’s first natural health resorts) creates buoyancy that allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water. In this zero gravity environment you are totally free of distractions. Your muscles can relax completely, your mind can become quiet and still, and you can achieve a feeling of weightlessness and utter relaxation that cannot be found elsewhere. Presentation topics include:

• What is Isolation tank Therapy
• Overview of history
• Physical Benefits
• Psychological Benefits

Sponsored by Serene Dreams
4-4:45pmDr. Thomas Weber & Rose HausmanUp For a Challenge? Let’s Talk Colon CancerColorectal Cancer is the second leading cancer killer of men AND women in the US and yet it is up to 90 percent preventable through screening. Approximately 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year. Advanced age, obesity, a poor diet and lack of exercise all contribute to colon cancer risk. Everyone is advised to start screening beginning at age 50, or even earlier for those who have persistent gastrointestinal problems or a family history of the disease. Take the Challenge – join Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation President and Founder Dr. Thomas K. Weber, MD, FACS, Executive Director Catherine Montaldo, Colon Cancer Survivor Rose Hausman and her husband Eric for an informative and life-saving discussion. Get The Facts, Talk To Your Family, Talk To Your Doctor and Get Screened. Sponsored by the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation

Speaker Stage 2

12-12:45pmSue HitzmannThe Missing Link to Living Fit AND Pain-FreeAlthough nutrition and movement are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle, lots of people eat right and exercise yet still have pain. In this session, Sue Hitzmann will reveal a new map of the body in 3-D to define what causes pain and how you can add the missing link to maximize the results of your healthy lifestyle and stay pain-free. Learn the one thing that you can add to your workout routine to decrease pain and improve fitness results as well as improve sleep, digestion, mood, and more. Explore the latest research on the role of connective tissue in performance, recovery, and muscular strength.Sponsored by the MELT Method
1-1:45pmDr. FrankelVital Tests That Can Save a Life: Yours or Someone You LoveHeart disease is the leading cause of death in the US with stroke as number 3. At Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics (ACD) we perform preventative tests that can save your life. The Vestibular Exam is a non-invasive examination for detecting inner-ear balance disorders. 69 Million men and women over the age of 40 are more likely to have a serious fall due to some form of inner-ear dysfunction. Carotid Doppler testing detects plaque and can help determine stroke risk. Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound identifies aneurysms. The ABI for Peripheral Artery Disease measures the blood pressure of the arms and ankles. These tests are all non-invasive and strategic for detecting early cardiac problems.Sponsored by Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics
2-2:45pDr. Arnold MorganThe Benefits of Redox Signaling: Health and Wellness at the Cellular LevelThe relatively little known science and technology of Redox Signaling Molecules are at the cutting edge of wellness. These molecules are literally foundational to our health. Learn how to replenish your body’s supply and why you will want to include supplementation with these molecules in your daily regimen
3-3:45pmDr. Dolores Fazzino Love vs. Fear: The Pathway to FulfillmentNurse practitioner and wellness expert Dolores Fazzino facilitates transformation and empowers people to move out from fear to love and enrich and fulfill their lives. Three ways to improve and empower your life are to 1) change your attitude. Even at times when you think that you have no control over a situation, indeed you do, you are in control on how you handle the situation. 2) Work on yourself. There is a saying that the world is a reflection of me. If you do not like what you are seeing, be the change that you seek. By working on yourself, your outer world will reflect the inner changes that you make. And 3) Focus on love. There is energy and vibrations in words. Love is a higher vibrating word and fear is a low vibrating word. Since what you focus on you create,(refer back to number 1)choose love, it will change your world.
4-4:45pmKaylea MossThe Curvy Health Coach: Where Health & Wellness CollidesSponsored by The Curvy Health Coach

Speaker Stage 3

12-12:45pmDr. Robyn BensonThe 5 Pathways to Attaining Optimal Health• Revitalize and thrive in this time of great change
• Learn 3 simple steps to grow younger.
• Understand the hidden secret to your sustained vitality
• Practice ‘Heroic Consistency” to achieve your best health today
• Why Self-Care is your most valuable currency
Sponsored by the Santa Fe Soul
1-1:45pmDr. Ian Smith
2-2:45pDiane DiRestaMind-Body Speaking: The Key to ConfidenceDoes your body freeze when you have to speak to groups? Do you get tongue tied when you introduce yourself and your ideas? Diane DiResta will show you mind/body exercises to look and sound confident so you can give a knockout presentation!
3-3:45pmHamish ShephardOn-Demand Lifestyle – How technology is changing our lifestyles and the future of home livingSerial-entrepreneur Hamish Shephard founded HelloFresh in October 2012. British born and Eton-educated Shephard is a former Investment Banker with a culinary background, training as a Dessert Chef in London before launching multiple start-ups across Asia and Europe. Shephard’s understanding of the fresh produce supply chain stems from his lifelong involvement with his family’s award winning farm, produce from which has been used by Michelin-starred restaurants across the country


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